Teaching small children is one of the most amazing and exciting experiences - let me help enrich your child's life through learning another language


Working with Children

I understand the challenges in helping your child start to speak another language. Children have the curiosity and the enthusiasm to learn so long as they are engaged in a way that is appropriate for their ability. Lessons have to be fun, combining exercises, stories, songs, and games is the key to ensuring that their interest is maintained. I see it as my responsibility as a teacher to ensure that classes engage your child whilst helping them learn.


My Experience

As a mother of two fluent Spanish speaking children I have experienced first hand the joys and difficulties of helping children gain fluency in a second language. Persistence and encouragement have helped my children achieve this and my role in helping them has cemented my life long passion for language and learning. In addition to this I have completed formal training in teaching children Spanish as a Foreign Language. 

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One language sets you on a corridor for life. Two languages open every door along the way.
— Frank Smith


I charge £30 per hour for one-to-one sessions.

Please get in touch to arrange an informal chat about how I can help your child.

Small groups and private classes can be catered for by arrangement.